Percentage Increase

Last updated: 10-18-2023

Percentage increase formula

Do you want to quickly and easily determine how much a number has increased in percentage? Our "Percentage Increase" calculator will help you do just that. Simply enter the initial and final values, and get the precise percentage increase. 📈

If the final number turns out to be greater than the initial one, it means an increase has occurred. For you, we've laid out the formula:

Percentage Increase (%) = (Final Number - Initial Number) / Initial Number × 100%

Let's take, for example, an initial number = 15, final number = 30. In this case, the increase is (30 - 15) / 15 × 100% = 100%. This means that the final number doubled compared to the initial one. 📊

Use our calculator, and you'll easily and quickly calculate percentage increases. Forget about the headache of calculations! 🌟

Who will benefit

1️⃣ Finance: You can use it to calculate profit from investments or financial operations.

2️⃣ Business and Marketing: Determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, calculate sales growth and profit.

3️⃣ Personal Development: You can use it to track your personal growth in different areas of life.

4️⃣ Education and Learning: Teachers and students can use it to study percentage changes.

5️⃣ Economics and Financial Analysis: An important tool for economists and financiers for market and data analysis.

6️⃣ Investment Planning: Helps determine the increase in the value of investments.

Examples of use

Investment Financial Analysis 💹

  • Question: “What will be the percentage increase in my investments if they grow from 10,000 UAH to 12,000 UAH in a year?”
  • Calculator's Answer: "Growth: 20%." 📈

Personal Development Planning 📚

  • Question: “What percentage growth did I achieve in my academic performance, rising from an average grade of 7 to 9?”
  • Calculator's Answer: "Growth: 28.57%." 📊