Test Grade Calculator

Last updated: 01-28-2024

The Test Grade Calculator emerges as a user-friendly ally, facilitating educators and students in effortlessly calculating test scores and percentages.

Calculating Test Score:

The process is streamlined for efficiency. Users input the total number of questions, specify correct and incorrect answers, and let the calculator handle the rest. Its user-friendly design ensures accessibility for both teachers and students.

Using the Test Grade Calculator:

Utilizing this tool is straightforward. Users input essential data, such as the total number of questions, correct answers, and incorrect answers. The calculator processes the information, delivering the corresponding grade and percentage swiftly. It proves to be a quick and accurate method for assessing performance.


Consider a scenario with 30 questions in total. The student answered 27 questions correctly and 3 incorrectly.

Input Data:

  • Total Questions: 30
  • Correct Answers: 27
  • Incorrect Answers: 3


  • Grade: A-
  • Percentage: 90%

This example exemplifies how the Test Grade Calculator efficiently interprets input data, providing a detailed assessment of the student's performance.

Incorporate precision into the grading process by utilizing the Test Grade Calculator. Whether an educator evaluating student exams or a student tracking progress, this tool is tailored to simplify the grading experience, enhancing accuracy, saving time, and providing valuable insights effortlessly. 📚