All animals require real attention and care. In this section, you will learn how to make your pet's life comfortable and happy. 🐾

1️⃣ Age of the animal in human years 📏 🦜
This calculator is designed to help you understand how your animal's age affects its behavior and needs. You will be able to easily convert your pet's age into human years.

2️⃣ Pregnancy and childbirth 🐶 🐒
When will the due date be, and what to prepare for if your animal is pregnant? This calculator will provide you with answers to this question, taking into account the specific species of the animal and its characteristics.

3️⃣ Required amount of food 🦴
It is important to feed your pet correctly, providing it with the necessary nutrients. This calculator will help you calculate the optimal portion of food based on the size and activity of the animal.

4️⃣ Body Mass Index calculation 🐕‍🦺 🥓
Find out if your pet has a normal body weight or if it needs dietary and exercise adjustments.